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This is the genre that speaks to me the most. I have always been attracted to abstract art in many of its forms. I love impressionism in painting and for many years have attempted to create my response to the world I see photographically.


For a number of years now I have worked closely with Len Metcalf teaching an Abstract Workshop. We do some writing together and share a passion for nurturing photographers as they expand their repertoire.


My early work was mainly using out of focus technique and camera movement but as I have grown over the years, I have developed many strategies and techniques for creating my pieces of photographic art.


Abstract photography is something I carry around in my head and no matter where I am and what device I have on me, I can bring something home that is either resolved and needing a few tweaks only or is the basis for some imaginative editing. I love editing my work. I am always amazed at how many variations one image can offer. 


Enjoy the slideshow of a few of my pieces.