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Recently, as I revamped my website I have been trying to work out how to arrange my photos here. It is a moveable feast – a work in progress. I have grown weary of the previous template and the almost biographical display. In this new template, I am trying to be more genre based in my selection.

Does it work? We will see.

I have other images on Instagram where I post more regularly. The images I share on Instagram are often things I have been playing with or they might be an early edit from a day out with my camera.  I edit a lot of those posts with my ipad.

The blog that is linked to this website also carries a number of my images. On the Blog I am hoping to dig into some older work and share those as well.

The majority of images on any of my public sites are available for purchase. I print my own work up to A2 size. Larger than that need to be sent away. If you are looking for something specific please contact me.

I have a good range of my work on Bluethumb.

Thankyou for dropping by.