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I am somewhere in the midst of this intoxicating world of photographic art. I am no longer at the beginning and I am definitely not nearing the end.


It started about 10 years ago when I retired. I was only a few steps in really, when I was inspired by the photographs of Sue Robertson and Ursula Arbresch to explore the world of unsharp images.


It is the most joyous and satisfying thing to do;

         to create and to wonder; 

         to daydream and to be inspired; 

         to be challenged and to resolve, but above all, 

         to learn and to grow.


Along the way my photographic art has been nurtured and mentored by a wonderful collective of generous, like-minded artists. I have learnt so much and collected not only beautiful images but a great big family of creatives.


I live in the Blue Mountains in Australia and Len Metcalf has been a big supporter of my photography and each year we teach an Abstract Workshop together.  This is such an energizing time for me. It uses my professional background in teaching, and I get to spend a week with other photographers. Sharing, teaching and mentoring others has so many rewards, not least of all seeing them grow.


I print my own work and have a few pieces in local galleries along with some cards. I find printing such an important part of my art practice. To capture, edit and finalise an image on a piece of paper gives real meaning to my work. My photography is occasionally included in exhibitions and just like teaching and printing, it makes such a difference to my development.


Above all I am a learner. So many years spent in education settings have meant that I have a muscle memory that always wants to learn more, to understand new ways, to learn from others. I feel so fortunate to be playing around with photography at this time in history with the brilliant international and online links we have. I am grateful every day I open any of the online forums and see amazing work from others.


Thankyou for dropping by. I hope you find some small snippets to enjoy.