I am a photographer living in the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.  My photographic journey started many years ago with a great interest in photography.  In those days I shot film, never processed my own but loved the anticipation of waiting for the new roll of film to be developed and held in my hands.  I could never wait longer than just a few steps away (and out of sight) of the shop before I opened the envelope and looked through every photo.

In some ways not much has changed, yet in other ways, my whole world is now so different.

Then? ... I had a full time job with very limited time to devote to a passion like this ..... Now? ... I am retired and able to devote as much time as I want to my photography and art

Then?... I shot film ... Now?  I shoot digital.

Then? ... I initially used the auto functions on my first DSLR and shot jpeg ... Now? ... I use the full range of functions and shoot raw.

Then? ... I sent my images out for printing ... Now?  I print all my own work.

My journey hasn't really taken that long.  With the encouragement and nurturing of other wonderful photographers and many new photo buddies, I have gained so many new skills and increased my confidence in my own photography.  I have arrived at a very happy place - a place where I continue to grow and learn. This website is a way to share some of the images that I have taken.  It is also a way of taking the next step by formalising a new way of working and sharing.

I do sell some of my work.  Most images on this site can be purchased as prints.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of my art.

Thankyou for taking the time to visit my site.



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